センター長の挨拶Welcome from the Chairperson


サファイア青少年グローバル交流センターが目指しているのは単に英語が上手になることがゴールではありません。様々な背景を背負った皆さんが、ともに英語を媒体として好きな分野でお互いに夢中になって助け合ったり、競い合っているうちに「目から鱗が・・・」の毎日、今まで経験したことがない何か不思議な気持の高まりを共有することです。英語で言うと ’chemistry’。いつのまにか英語でのコミュニケーションはもちろん、無理なく、自然にいわゆる「国際感覚」が少し身についてしまっているというようにプログラムされています。


世界はますますボーダーレスになり、物事がグローバルに進んで行く時代です。 思い切って未知の世界に踏み出してみませんか。

The goal of Sapphire Youth Global Exchange Centre is not simply going to be good at English.
We carry a variety of backgrounds, and we feel as if the scales fell from my eyes while getting absorbed and helping each other or competing with each other, using English as a medium in favourite fields. We share the growing mysterious feelings which we have ever experienced.In English it's 'chemistry'.
It is programmed that we have become acquired a little not only communication in English, but also so-called "international feeling" reasonably and naturally before knowing it.
Our members are a group of experienced teachers from elementary school through university.

Our members are a group of experienced teachers from elementary school through university.

1)will do English language training beforehand and learning of the area to visit carefully for happy exchanges.
2)confirm thoroughly the pleasant stay and safety by having the staff go to the site in advance, discussing closely the program and preparing for it with the host institution.
3)prepare for a special program after returning home so that the circle of exchanges will be expanded without having overseas training only at that time.
Now the world becomes increasingly borderless and it is an era when things go globally. Why do not you step into the unknown world?


サファイア青少年グローバル交流センターについてAbout Sapphire


The Centre was established in 2016 with the two aims by the Japanese teachers from primary schools through university. One is for supporting continuous goodwill relationship with the same generation overseas and "international sense" indispensable to the young in the 21st century. And the other is for suggesting four exchange programs - science, sports, cultural activities and international relations studies to them.

会長(センター長) 四方義啓[名古屋大学名誉教授]
代表理事(事務局長) 白拍子新[元早稲田中学・高等学校教諭、元海陽中等教育学校教諭]